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            Located at 7 Market Street in downtown Barnesville, Georgia

Brenda's Pet Services Grooming Spa, Barnesville and Lamar counties first and only Pet Grooming Spa, is owned and run by pet groomer, Brenda J Mitchell. Being a Pet Groomer means not only your family dog gets groomed, but your family cat and your bird as well!  At Brenda's Pet Services I groom and style the coat to breed standard or to owners specifications. All grooming is done by appointment only -- this means that your pet(s) will have my complete attention while they are here! They will not be sitting in a cage awaiting their turn. When they arrive at their appointed time -- it is their turn! Be sure to see the grooming services offered on the Grooming Services page. To read my blog and get advise, click here: Grooming Advice 4 You

My business is located in a private studio on Market Street in the city of Barnesville, Georgia. I am licensed by the City of Barnesville as well as by the State of Georgia. Being in a private studio setting, the pets that come to get groomed enjoy the calming atmosphere. There are NO CAGES used during the grooming or drying process -- not even on intake. Your pet goes from your arms into mine, not a cage. See the pictures of my furry clients click:  Grooming Photos and here: Cats/Birds/Creative Grooming.

Being an Award Winning Dog Groomer (see Competition Photos for more information) is another honor I hold.  All appointments are pre-scheduled so call to make your pets grooming appointment today! Your dog too, will give me a hug and kiss of thanks because they will leave here feeling, smelling and looking good :) To contact me click here: Contact Brenda  For the forms you need for your appointment, click here: Forms/Links

My memberships include the Barnesville/Lamar County Humane Society, Creative Groomers Association and the National Dog Groomers Association of America. I received a Certificate of Excellence in Styling at Atlanta Pet Fair (March, 2009, 2010,2012 and 2014). Attending grooming seminars and competitions keep me up to date on the newest styles, ideas, fads and equipment in the grooming industry. The more knowledge I have, the better I can serve your pet and you :)  

Play time is often part of the grooming visit here!

Along with grooming dogs, I have experience as a dog obedience trainer and a professional pet sitter as well. 

As far as kitty cats go ... I have had cats my whole life and understand them. People are always amazed that I groom cats and that they enjoy being groomed by me. In a nutshell, I love and respect dogs and cats and find they respond to me in the same manner.

I hold a Certificate of Excellence in Parrot Behavior. As far as kitty cats go ... I have had cats my whole life and understand them. In a nutshell, I love and respect dogs and cats and find they respond to me in the same manner.

I have recently had the honor of being a Speaker at 2013 Atlanta Pet Fair, leading two sessions for those in the Pet Grooming Industry. It was a great experience. One I hope to build upon in the coming years.

The Watson TwinsGrooming by Brenda is your pets Special Time!

On my days off I can be found volunteering at Zoo Atlanta. What can I say? I think I mentioned it earlier -- I love animals!!

I also have a PICK UP PALS SERVICE for those in the city limits. Call for complete information.  

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