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Take Me Home Grooming Competition (below)      ATL Pet Fair Recue Rodeo (top)

Rescue Rodeo Grooming Competition

This is Gwenivere, an adult Yorkshire Terrier.  As I placed her on my table I noticed she was smelly, matted and very disheveled. She is being cared for and donated to me to groom by the East Coast Rescue.

Here is a closer look at this girls face before the grooming began. Those big brown eyes were very alert and focused. 

All brushed out, bathed and fluff dried, Gwenivere is ready for serious grooming. Unlike my previous competition dog (see below) this girl was very cooperative. Of course she didn't particularly like everything I was doing but she was a good sport! I spoke calmly and reassuringly to her throughout her groom and she did real well :D

Putting on the finishing touches before judging! Ever alert and watching the crowd I had the feeling she was looking for her people. I don't know her history, but I felt she had perhaps been abandoned :(

Here is Miss Gwenivere posing with her trophy! Good job --  she was such a good girl. Not only did she take home a trophy but her rescue organization received $50! But even better than that ... Gwenivere found a forever home from a member of the audience :) Glad to have met you, friend.

Take Me Home Grooming Competition

These are photographs taken by Mary Bloom at the the Luxury Pet Pavillion Take Me Home Grooming Competition. It was held in Atlanta GA in August 2008.

I am happy and humbled to say I won the Most Difficult Dog to Groom prize. I must say, Chloe did prove to be difficult but as a homeless pet this is to be expected. I feel once she finds her forever home and is given the security she needs, she will be a wonderful pet. (I understand she has been adopted and I am so glad -- she deserves a good home.)

This is Chloe when I first met her. Caged & scared. She is only 7 months old and was recently abandoned.

Look at this shaggy puppy! Her feet were the first area I decided to tackle. Her nails needed trimming and her feet needed to be cleaned up. You can see her tail tucked under, definate body language for 'scared'. So we moved slowly and got the job done.

Chloe had a lot of pampering ahead. She needed hers ears and nails done, her face opened up so she can see, her coat styled and her tail shaped.

Chloe did not want any part of whatever it was I was going to do! She had never been groomed before and all these people and all the noise..... but I soon convinced her she was safe & we got on with her grooming.

Every new person that walked by, Chloe would bark at and leap after. It was hard work keeping her attention and keeping her on the table!!

How cute is this girl??  All cleaned up and ready to compete!

All this looking cute is making Chloe tired. Time to go rest before the final judging.....

Chloe and I became fast friends. She's a hugger :)

As judges Sam Kolh, Megan Blake and Cynthia Kohl come to see Chloe for final judging, she does what any self-respecting pup does ... she kisses the judges.

Chloe is ready to show her new Puppy Style to the audience. She feels so much better after her grooming and she KNOWS she's pretty :) Look at her strut!

Chloe and I won a very nice prize for Most Difficult To Groom! Can you tell I was happy? Chloe, well she was just relaxing on my shoulder.

Chloe and I were both very happy we won. It was a fantastic end to a very fulfilling day. She really never meant to be 'difficult'; she is just a puppy who needs to have love so she can be secure.

Look at this face. Chloe is still looking for her forever home. If you have love and patience, are looking for a very sweet puppy and are a single person with no other animals, contact  me. Chloe deserves a good home and the sooner the better. Her adoptive parents will get her first grooming from me as a Puppy Warming gift.(Chloe has been adopted!)