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         Brenda's Pet Services Private Grooming Studio

Here is where all the magic happens ~ my private Grooming Studio!

It is important to me this studio is calm yet cheery, clean and relaxing for all my furry clients -- I want them to enjoy their time spent at Brenda's :)                   

This shows you the inside of the Grooming Spa.

This is where your pet gets their coat brushed out and styled. This includes the trim, bandanas, bows and cologne. Also all Pawicures are done here.

The bathing / drying area is behind the divider. That is also where their nails are trimmed, their ears cleaned & their teeth brushed. If you choose to have coloring done, that is also done in that area.

Not shown in this pictures are the mirrored walls, which are great! The dogs love to watch themselves be groomed!

While I am grooming your pet my doors are locked. Your pet will receive one on one, 100% attention. That means I do not answer the phone, talk to other clients, etc. Your pets appointment is all about them! As it should be :)