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By being an 'Appointment Only shop' I guarantee your pet will not sit anxiously in a cage awaiting its turn while other animals are being tended to. Nor will you have to worry about other animals around your pet while away from you. Your pet is never placed in a cage. Your pet is the only pet in my shop during your appointment time. This means that 100% of my attention is on your pet!

                      Quality service at its best!

I am now booking appointments approximately three weeks in advance. I occasionally have a few scattered appointments open earlier, if that. Your pet deserves to be clean and well groomed so contact me and we will schedule your pet for the first available appointment. Yes, getting your first appointment takes a little work on both our parts BUT once you are an established client, your pets appointments will be scheduled before any new client. Afterall, my clients are the reason I am here :)

I am almost completely booked for the year. If you were wanting to get your best friend in for a groom by me, please contact me as far in advance as possible. I have begun a waiting list for certain dates and will be happy to add you, if necessary. If you have been referred by a friend whose pet is one of my clients, make sure you let me know as referrals are preferred clients. Getting IN is the hard part -- once you are in I will make sure your pup has an appointment every month :)

               ~ The PREFERRED METHOD is to CALL 770-358-3006.

You can call and set up an appointment at 770 358-3006. This IS the preferred method :) You will reach a machine 99% of the time but that is ok....leave a message. Although you may have to wait until the end of the day before I hear it, and possibly not get a call back until the following day, I will certainly get your message in a timely manner. I prefer this method so we can get all information needed.

ESTABLISHED CLIENTS: Please call 770 358-3006 to assure you get in contact with me. If you choose to email me, realize I do not check email as often as I do my phone messages.

NEW CLIENTS: You can call me at 770-358-3006 or email me at GROOMINGBYBRENDA@gmail.com  I respond to you as soon as I possibly can.

Please Note: I check email weekly, not daily. Phone calls are monitored daily :)

        ~ You can fill out the form below (not for established clients, please) 

Again note I receive these forms MONTHLY, not daily.

In the 'Comment' section let me know what day of the week is most preferable. Tell me if morning or afternoon would be better for you.  Be sure you leave accurate contact information so I can reach you to schedule your pets appointment. Your pet must be up to date on their rabies vaccine and I will need the certification from your vet before I place them on my table. I will be in touch to arrange for you to bring in your pet at the first available appointment. Also please let me know how you found this website -- thank you!

                  I will be in touch with you soon!