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Regular grooming increases your pets' quality of life through healthy skin, coat and nails. Choose either the DELUXE BATH or the DELUXE BATH & STYLE. All products used on your dog or cat are chemical free. I use only organic and natural based products. I am proud to be a GREEN Grooming Salon.

SPA SERVICES are offered which include FACIALS, DEEP CONDITIONING, HOT OIL TREATMENTS, Natural Color Enhancements, NAIL SMOOTHING, PAD MOISTURIZING, NAIL POLISHING and PAW-icures. Medicated Wraps are also available.

CREATIVE SERVICES (Coloring and Designs for Dogs and Cats) are also in demand here and are a lot of FUN! See more info on these services below.


Let's celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month by adding some PINK to your pups groom!!

Don't forget to add a special Breast Cancer Awareness bandana!

  *******************  Monthly SPA SPECIALS *******************   are posted on Brenda's Pet Services facebook page as well as in the Studio


The DELUXE BATH includes a soothing bath, nails trimmed, pads cleaned, sanitary trim, teeth brushed & ears cleaned followed by a beneficial brushing & comb out. Baths for sensitive skin & dry skin are available, as well as scented formulas. Grimeinator is available for the really dirty dog. I only use the best products that encourage healthy skin and coats for my clients. Flea killing shampoo is offered as well -- these are not chemical based (that means they are not harmful to your pet) and are to be used in conjunction with your dogs regular flea prevention. After the bath your dog is then fluff dried by hand, not cage dried.


Includes a DELUXE BATH along with a professional Trim according to breed standard, or to owner specifications. As a Pet Groomer I strive to bring out your pets personality and give her or him their own style! I am trained in both Pet trims and Show Scissoring Styles.


This service is offered for clients who come on a regular 4 week schedule. In between appointments bring your pup in for a good cleansing bath and brush out. Cologne is added for the final touch! These are 30 or 45 min appointments and can be weekly or bi-weekly. Its a great way to keep your dog clean and looking his best!

             ~~SPA DAY: A different Spa Special each month ~~

Keep your pooch looking her Doggie Best! Your pups Spa Day includes the Deluxe Bath & Style plus Nails Buffed, a Facial, Pads Moisturized, Deep Coat Conditioning or a Silky Creme Rinse and their Nails Polished. This is all added to the Deluxe Bath & Style to give your pet the best spa experience :) I now offer several Spa Experiences on a regular basis. See the Spa Selection pamphlet during your visit. This months Spa Special is detailed on the reception table -- check it out at your appointment!


The Kitty Bath & Brush includes a stress-free cleansing bath, fluff dry, nails trimmed and an enjoyable brush out.  As you can see, no cat-bags are used to "control" the cats. I am simply an animal person and they know it :) This means your kitty is in a no-stress environment and most likely will stay calm. If a kitty begins to get stressed, we just put everything on hold and allow the kitty to regroup before proceeding.  I have tremendous respect for Gods furry creatures and my grooming practices reflect that. Every cat is FLUFF DRIED by hand. No cat is ever put into a cage with a dryer blowing hot air at them! That is unnecessary and unforgivable. Flea baths are also available upon request.


A Kitty Deluxe Style includes BATH & BRUSH along with a professional kitty-stylin' cut according to owners specifications. Pictured is a long haired Persian in a LION CUT. Brenda knows how to groom kittys with STYLE!

The rule of thumb when grooming a cat.... you only do what the cat allows!! Most cats, when treated by a professional Cat Groomer who understands cats and respects the fact that they are not dogs (seriously), can do amazing grooms on a any cat -- and I am one of those professional cat groomers :)


Birds enjoy a visit to Brenda's too! Their visit includes wings clipped and a delightfully fun spray bath! If the bird allows, nails are clipped as well. 30 min appointments. I hold a certificate in Excellence in Parrot Behavior.

Add Pet Safe COLOR to your pets groom! You can choose semi-permenent or temporary coloring -- I have it ALL ! Lets have FUN! (pictures and detail below)


Boy dogs can get primped up too!

BOW TIES too (not shown)

MOHAWKs are always FUN! Many breeds can wear them -- ask me if your pet can have one too!

Turn your pup into a FOX! This is a fun trim for a Pomeranian.

The EUROPEAN POODLE Cut is a great idea for your poodle for the warmer months! Easy to maintain and very stylish! This cut works great on all poodles and curly haired pups.

The fun of having a Poodle is that we can completely change their trim every visit! Look through the Photos page to see other Poodle trims.

The LION TRIM can be done on many dog and cats breeds!

This is a Creative Trim that is great for this area. Helps keep your pet cool while still being stylish!

The LION TRIM always looks great on a Cat or Dog when its created by a professional Groomer.

Another great Creative Trim for your long haired cat is the Ballerina, created by Brenda J Mitchell!

I can do just about anything you will want me to do -- as long as your dog is free of mats. A matted coat limits an owners choice of styling and designing their dogs coat.


FEATHER EXTENSIONS are the new NOW item for your pup!They are inexpensive, so why not let your pup be at the height of fashion? And great still, is they last until your next appointment. Book your appt and be sure to have a FEATHER EXTENSION added to your pups groom :) There are different styles available every month!

****************** SEMI PERMANENT COLOR **********************

ZsaZsa looks good in purple too! This is semi-permanent non-toxic color that is safe for use on dogs and cats because it is created for professional groomers to use specifically on dogs and cats.

Cloe is always a DOLL PUPPY and in her candy corn fall colors she sure does shine :) This is a great example of how color can add pizzaz to any breed!  Not every dog is a good candidate for color -- the dogs natural color and temperment are what must be considered before attempting semi-permanent color like Cloe has.

This is my BEAUTIFUL girl ready for Autumn with a YELLOW and ORANGE colored topknot! This

Jack is modeling how a Poodle can wear purple in a fantastic way! We colored his top knot, his tail, gave him anklets and then to make it extra special -- a purple paw print on his back!  Coloring is not expensive here in Barnesville, I simply charge by the time it takes :)

This Terrier mix was so happy when he saw how happy his momma was when she saw him! Ozzie has a blue mohawk with blue and green leopard spots.

Just like all the products used at Brenda's Pet Services, the coloring products are 100% dog and cat safe, are non-toxic and all are temporary or semi-permenant (owners choice). This look was achieved using both types of color.

I have many colors and hues to choose from. Some can be done quickly in a normal grooming appointment, other Creative coloring needs extra time. Call and set up a COLOR APPOINTMENT TODAY!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TEMPORARY COLOR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fun temporary tattoos! Many colors to choose from and of course its non-toxic!

CHALKING IS TEMPORARY, FUN & INEXPENSIVE!You can see that CHALKING is stress-free and no worry to the dogs. And when they see how happy the colors make people when they see them, they enjoy it too! Gaga gets a different look every month because CHALKING is extremely temporary -- just bathe her and its gone! So you can change you pups style with the seasons and holidays!

25% of my clients enjoy the fun of chalking! Watch the FB page to see more!

Color can be applied on the ears, tails and feet to give a stuffed animal look :)

Here Buddy has GREEN & BLUE CHALK applied to his ears, and BLUE CHALK to his feet and tail ~ so cute!!

GLITTER TATTOOS are oh so fun! And yes they too are inexpensive and temporary! And some glitter to your pups next groom!

Glitter Tattoos look great on light and dark coats!

Placed on a dogs backside, I call them DOGGY TRAMP STAMPS -- lol!

BLOW PENS allow me to quickly add some FUN to your pups groom! This groom has shamrocks done with blowpens and also chalking done on her tail and whiskers!  This is qick (requires no extra grooming time), inexpensive and temporary!       

DOGGY TATTOOS are Fun, Fun, Fun! Add painted nails and they really look great! They can be semi-permenant (like this flower tattoo) and painted on with Pet Safe color or....

...DOGGY TATTOOS can be placed on with an airbrush or a blowpen for a FUN temporary tattoo. They wash off easily and quickly.

There are so many FUN touches I can add to your dogs groom! CREATIVE STENCILING is one idea. This is Buddy modeling his owners passion for Georgia one Halloween season.


PAWicures! --Here's a fun idea -- FANCY COLORED NAILS ! Your pup can have a one along with his/her groom this month too -- just let me know when you bring your pup in for his/her grooming appointment.

The PAWicure includes their pads cleaned & moisturized and their nails trimmed & buffed. Girl dogs also get their nails painted in traditional 1 color or have FUN and stripe or polka dot your pups nails! (Boys dogs can too!)

CARVED TATTOOS are in between temporary and permanent -- they generally last 6-8 weeks and hold they design you choose. This Boxer also has airbrushed flowers added to her Creative Design.

Brenda grooms on Saturdays!   Yes I do groom on Mondays & Saturdays too! I am open at least 2 evenings a week as well for after work appointments!

PICK-UP PALS GROOMING SERVICE is available for those clients who live or work in the city limits. I can pick up your dog or your cat as long as you are in the downtown area. This service is available for an added fee.                                  

Your pet can show off your TEAM COLORS! Just ask what I have!
Choose from:

** Feather extensions,
** Bandanas
** Collar bows (football themed)
** and more!!

For those really matted dogs and cats I offer a DEMATTING service at an extra charge. The charge is based on TIME and PRODUCTS used.

Capstar is available for dogs and cats that have a flea investation problem. Must pick up 2 days BEFORE your grooming appointment to apply at least 24 hours beforehand. Call to arrange. Flea infested animals cannot come in for a groom until on Capstar for 24 hours.