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               ********** Time for KITTY ***********

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**********Be sure to read my blog about Cat Grooming.****************

Cats are very welcomed here as well. So welcomed that I have a Cat Room that is only for the kittys that come to be groomed! Every cat is groomed on a one on one basis --- this means they get 100% of my attention. In the Cat Room they have their own space -- for bathing, drying and grooming. Cats can be groomed in various styles just like dogs can. Its called a Kitty Stylin and it includes ears cleaned, nails trimmed, pads cleared, sanitary done, comb out, deep cleansing bath and a fluff dry (always by hand). Then your cat is trimmed or clipped in a style that will make them beautiful! See some of the trims below.

Cats are NEVER EVER placed in a cage with a dryer at their face. Matter-of-a-fact, they are not placed in a cage at all. Your cat is always in my arms when not in the table or the tub.

Smokey is a long haired domestic kitty that comes in monthly for a groom. Because he can be very temperamental I don't get to love on him as much as I'd like. But its not about ME now is it? lol Smokey looks good, smells good and feels happy when he leaves - THATS what its all about :)

Some kittys come in and only want the Deluxe Kitty Bath. This includes ears cleaned, nails trimmed, pads cleared, sanitary done, comb out, deep cleansing bath and a fluff dry (always by hand).

Emmi & Ruffles, Persians, who come to get a good clean bath and comb out every month. They are both very well-behaved. I always look forward to my time with them both! 

This photo shows a Kitty Stylin trim -- Sassys normally long, fluffy fur shortened a bit for Spring and Fall. Looks natural and keeps her warm but not too warm. Its called a Comb Cut.

Sweets, a medium haired kitty, comes in monthly for a Lion Trim. This month, we had a little Autumn fun!

Kittys can get CREATIVE too! Frosti Beaches, a Tonkignese, was real good for her first creative design. All products are cat safe (this means non-toxic to cats.). Frosti is hoping Santa will bring her something special this year!


Riley, a Shih Tzu, came in for a semi-permanent coloring - he is a CANDY CORN DOG! Isn't it so cute?!

Layla wanted to be pretty for Halloween too! So I colored her as A STUFFED DOG - so cute!!

Using more than one color can create a cool effect -- just like the blues and greens I used on Buddy. He looks like a stuffed toy you just want to hug!

Hank is a male Shuih Tzu, about 8 months old. He looks like a stuffed toy! This is semi permenent and will last from 2 week to 6 weeks -- just never know!

A Kitty Stylin trim for Sassy, a long haired Persian -- Here is Sassy ready for October festivities! Sassy the Ballerina! This is a Creative Trim. Sassy doesn't need color :)

Lucy, a Shih Tzu is a LEOPARD! Leopard prints are fun and quick! They can be temporary or semi permement -- its up to you! Theer are endless choices of color combinations too! Every breed looks great with a Leopard design :)

Lucy is owned by a family with a little girl who loves horses so -- why not make Lucy into My Little Pony?!  This is can be accomplished with temporary coloring or semi permemenrmt coloring -- and any color combination. Isn't she adorable?!

This is my best friends ZsaZsa showing you that your dog doesn't have to be white or very light to be colored! ZsaZsa has had color in her fur for the last few years -- we change it with the seasons. We both think we like the purple the best :)

Gaga is "bringing out her inner Zebra", as her owner says! Who says a zebra has to be black and white? Not Gaga!

Sassy the Dragon Kitty . Who says you need color to be creative?

Riley, a male Shih Tzu wanted to show his wild side so he became a Rocker Dog ! Looking tough Riley!

LingLing, a female Shih Tzu likes CHALKING. CHALKING is a temporary coloring and lasts from days to weeks -- depends on your dog. It does not wipe off onto furniture or on your hands. Its an easy way to stay experimenting with coloring your pup. This particular month we chalked Ling Ling's ear tips and tail BLUE, added a feather extension and a pink bow -- BEAUTIFUL!

Sassy looks beautiful in her summer groom, a Lion Trim! This is an elegant Kitty Stylin Creative trim.

Gracie came as a shedding long haired cat, and left a spunky, clean, happy kitty! She had a modified LION TRIM (Shave down). You can see she spied something moving... it was my 9 lb ZsaZsa waking up in the corner!

***** Call to schedule a CREATIVE GROOM for your pet. Its so FUN! *****

                           ************ BIRDS **************

Birds of all kinds enjoy the services Brenda has to offer. They get their wings clipped in a calm soothing atmosphere. Each bird then gets a delightfully fun spray bath. Some bathe for 3 minutes while others stay in for a full 15 minutes. Its up to the bird. Contact Brenda and schedule a visit for your bird today!

Here are a few of my feathered clients ....