So your pet has an appointment with Brenda....now what?

Before your first appointment please PRINT OUT the appropriate form(s), FILL them out, SIGN them, make a copy for your personal records, ATTACH your pets rabies certification and BRING THEM along with your pet to your appointment. Thank you!

All FORMS are in MicroSoft Word format

                 FORMS for Brenda's Pet Services Grooming Spa

                    Here is to a LONG & WONDERFUL relationship between your pet and me!

Waiver - Dog
            Every DOG will need this filled out.

Waiver - Cat
                 Every CAT will need this filled out.

Waiver - Matted Pet
  If your pet has any MATTS, or LARGE MOLES, fill out this form too.

Waiver - Bird
         Every BIRD will need to have this filled out.

Next, peruse through this website. Look at the pictures and get an idea of the way you'd like YOUR pet to look. Realize the desired look may be a goal we need to work together to achieve. Read the blogs and the FAQ's. Brush your pet and tell him/her how much you love them. In fact you love them so much that they are going to get to come and visit Brenda! Be sure you keep them up to date on their flea treatment -- do NOT skip a treatment. Grooming will NOT affect the treatment. On the day of your appointment be on time (5 mins early) with your forms and rabies certification in hand.