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Scroll down the page to view pictures of the many dogs who visit me regularly for their grooming needs.  Some are 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER' pictures. Be sure to scroll all the way down -- you don't want to miss any of these Beauties. They are in no particular order ---All are a part of the BPS family and LOVED by Brenda!

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YOUR best friend can be a BRENDA'S BEAUTY too --   just call and set up an appointment today! See candid photos on Brenda's Pet Services FaceBook page

Stella and Loki are two of the cutest Yorkies! They are a delight to groom ! I am so glad their mom and dad bring them to me for their grooming!

Talk about cute Yorkies - just see my happy friend Gracey! Isn't she a sweet baby?! I am so glad she is my friend! I appreciate her family so much!

Hank and Gaga are dressed up for their Valentines Day date it seems -- lol! Aren't they the cutest pair?! I am so happy to have them as my friends and clients!! Thanks for bringing them to me for their grooming!

This is Woody, a new member of Brenda's Beauties! He was in certain need of a grooming and I am so glad they found me -- now I have a new friend!

Gabby is another Yorkie that is as cute as a button that comes to be groomed at the studio! Gabby is aka The Kissing Bandit!

Nigel came for his firwst groom at the studio bringing with him a lot of matting. I gently removed the matting, cleaned him up good and gave his skin and coat a new healthy start :) I am so happy to have him as a client -- thank you for letting me be his Groomer!

You aren't tired of Yorkies are you? I sure am not! This is Gabe, my handsome Yorkie buddy! He is s serious sort but loves to be pampered when he comes!

Meet Sadie Mae -- well one of the clients I have named Sadie Mae :) This little poodle pup is just a wonderful girl every time she comes in to visit me!

This is Addie, a new Shih Tzu friend of mine! Addie has those deep black eyes that I can just get lost in. Such a sweet sweet pup! 

Max brought his house buddy Peanut along with him for this groom. They both did wonderful and were so happy to get smelling and feeling good again!

Say Hello to Stella! This little girl came in ready to be groomed and look at her now! Just precious!

Honey is an old friend that has returned to me and I couldn't be happier! And let me share with you that she remembered me when her mom brought her in the door. It was like "Miss Brenda!!" Blessed me so much!

Meet Hank and Gaga. They come every month and get a little color along with their groom! See more pictures of these two on the Creative Grooming page and on Facebook!

Oreo! This Boston Terrier is always ready to play -- always! She comes running in for her deshedding every month and then runs right back out! Love you Oreo!

These are Yorkie-Poodle mix sisters, Stormy and Ellie. They are just as sweet as they look! They love the Spa Specials they get every visit!

Biskit -- love that ear thing he does! I think every picture every month these past 5 years he flops that ear! Silly boy!

Lil is a Spitz and always ready for her groom. Some visits she gets color on her tail too! Always good and always pretty -- that my Lil!

Before......This senior shih tzu has had a rough 2015. Now that she has recovered its time to get her coat recovered too! This is BEFORE her grooming with Brenda.....

...AFTER!!This is Maggie today! Fur grown out and healthy and happy! Maggie gets an Allergy Spa every visit and it has helped keep her itches away!

Cutie Pie TinkerBelle is a new friend of mine! She is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix and weighs bout 4 lbs even though full grown. She is my puppy Ivy's most fun friend. They actual cuddle together in the Castle! 

Zoey is a little Maltese-Poodle mix that loves to be pampered! Isn't she a doll-puppy?!

Bear is one of my newer friends. He came in needing special gentle care and I got him fixed right up. Him and I quickly became good friends!

Max, a rescued little Yorkie, is his new mommy's' baby. He has some fur issues, like most rescues, but we are getting them resolved. Isn't he just precious?!

Misty and Pug are Boston Terriers that come in for a deshedding every month. It helps their mom keep the house clean and them feeling fresh and clean -- and smelling good!

This is little Leo ,a Maletese-Poodle mix. His owners like him short with a little fluff :) He is a good boy and has learned the ropes of grooming very quickly. Smart boy!

Dixie, KCS, and Nugget, Terrier-Maltese mix are housemates and good friends of mine. Nugget comes giving me kisses but when I pull out the camera she puts on her grumpy face!

Sophie, an older Schnauzer does not like cameras. So after the groom it is Sophie Selfie time!

Sophie,  a Maltese-Poodle mix has been coming to see me for close to 8 years. We are good friends -- maybe even family :)

This is Little D --- a most enjoyable at every visit!! She is a Heinz57 dog ... too many breeds to say exactly what she is! So I just do what I do best -- I bring out her best features and she leaves me looking and feeling great!

Sonny enjoys his Spa time at Brenda's Pet Services every month! Sonny is a Shih Tzu and has been coming to me for grooming for over 7 yrs! When his mom isn't here, he follows me , right at my heels, like he just doesn't want to loose me :) Love you too Sonny! Sonny gets a Full Spa every vist

Isabella, an American Cocker, just cannot believe that beautiful dog in the mirror!! Isabella enjoys a STAY OVER every month as well!

Sassy, a Maltese is just the sweetest little gal! I just love her! She likes ear bows so I try to see she gets some every visit!

Daisy, a sweet Shih Tzu was so proud of her tutu! When I asked her to stand still so I could get a picture she was not pleased!

KoKo -- the Beast! With all her fur removed. That was like 40 pounds gone in an hour :)

Sophi is a little Shih Tzu friend of mine that has been coming for regular grooming for 4 years now. Her momma keeps her short but I can still make her fluffy! That's what quality shampoos do when used on a regular basis :)

Max is a Norwich Terrier and my friend. He loves to be groomed and even though he comes with his housemate, he wants me all to himself when he is here :)

Judd. a Yorkie, is such a sweet, gentle boy! He has never given me a moment of trouble in 3 years. He gets the Spa Special every visit! Love you Judd-sy! 

Marla, a Pekingese is so much fun. She always wants to hurry up so she can play with Ivy who is 3 times her size! Sometimes Marla gets her tail colored or a doggy feather extension.

Gracie is my itty bitty Yorkie girlfriend! She has come since she was just a pup -- about 8 years now. Look how healthy her coat, skin and nails are. And just as important -- how happy she is :)

Before & AfterMeet Shadow! A very well behaved young lady :) She and I are great friends! This is from her first visit over a year ago.

Bentley (dad), Peia (mom) and baby Sabina in the back! I am blessed to be a part of all their lives since each was 14 weeks old! Aren't they beautiful Schnauzers?! They get a Spa Special every visit :)

Candi is a newer Maltese friend of mine. She is always so happy and so well behaved! Hello Candi!

Leo, a Wired Fox Terrier, is a purebred and boy she knows it! I've groomed Leo for about 2 years now and she is such a little Diva! That is fine too because I know just how to pamper her :) 

Baxter & Baley, two Yorkies, have been coming to see me for close to 7 years now!  Aren't they adorable?! See more of their pictures on my FaceBook page.

LuLu is a precious little Yorkie that has been my friend for about 4 years now. She is always ready to groomed and happy to have some Brenda-pampering :)  Love you, LuLu!

Sassy, an older Miniature Poodle, has been coming to see me for over a year now and we have a very close bond. She has moved away from the area but won't allow anyone else to even try to groom her. She knows I am her Groomer so -- she comes into Barnesville every month to see me. Love you Sass-a-frass!

Say hello to Max & Mini, a pair of Miniature Schnauzers. Max is so sweet & so eager to please. He & Mini often comes for a Stay Over & spend a long weekend with me. During his Stay Overs, Max spends most of his time curled up over my shoulder like a baby. He's also my protector -- no one is allowed near me or he'd bark at them to go away! Sweet Max :) We have been friends a long time. Look at Minis face... can you just see what sweetie-dog she is?  Mini is very sweet. It took a little bit of time for her to trust me completely but she did real well on her first appointment & we built on that. Now almost 5 years later I can say the 3 of us are family :)

Pepe, a Maltese, is my Dogfriend! He is always good and ready to cuddle. His owner likes him as au natural as possible so I do my best! Pepe get a the Spa Special every month to keep his coat free of tangles. See you soon Pepe!

Mavis & Olivia, Shelties, are such sweeties. They are always calm and relaxed here and their mom said she is so happy to know that. They get deshedded on their visits - don't they look beautiful?!

Bailey is my newest Sheltie friend! He is always so joyful and relaxed -- can't you tell? He overheats easily so I give him in a Pet Trim after hi deshedding to keep him more comfortable.

Layla, a Shih Tzu-Poodle mix, has been coming for her grooming since I opened on Market Street. Sometimes she gets color, sometimes a full creative groom -- no matter what she is always happy happy happy! Love you, Layla! See more of her pics on Facebook and the Creative Grooming page.

Benji, a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix, is a newer puppy client. His owner is great at keeping him brushed and combed well so I can groom him in a long fluffy style! He is a smart little guy too!

Dixie, a Cocker, has been coming to see me since I opened here on Market Street. She comes for her Deluxe Bath & Style then also for a Brush n' Bath to keep her coat unmated in the colder months. Dixie is always SO happy to see me it just blesses me! Love you Dix!

CoCo, a Boykin Spaniel, has been coming ever since he received a Gift Certificate for Christmas one year from another client of mine. Its been about 6 years now. I am so glad to have him!

Scooter, a Shih Tzu, comes every week for a Brush n' Bath and once a month for a Deluxe Style & Groom - but if you ask Scooter he will tell you he comes to play with my toys! Sometimes he even tries to sneak out with them!

Buddy, a Terrier-Poodle mix, and Ozzie, a Terrier Maltese mix, are two of my buddies. Ozzie gets an Allergy Spa every visit to keep his allergens away. Both boys are good dogs and I always look forward to their visits!

Lady Zsa Zsa is my personal best-est friend! She is 13 yrs old and you will see her when you bring your pup to visit! She is my mascot, always by my side :) Some days she will have a purple tail, or a blue topknot or a bow in her hair....today she was au natural! You can see more of her pics on the Creative Grooming page.  She is also my logo -- did you notice? :D
 (Yes, ZsaZsa left me Feb 8th, 2015 ....Sorry, just can't bring myself to remove this....)

Before....This is Lovie BEFORE her groom. Lovie was matted so badly when she came to me I couldn't establish for certain where her ears were, her tail nor her actual paws. She couldn'  even see. What you see in this picture is just solid mounds of matted hair. She was a little nervous but as we progressed, she did fine......

...AFTER!... and this is Lovie AFTER her groom! What a sweet face and a sweet girl! This ordeal really wore her out but her owners now have a proper brush and understand how to care for her :) I am so pleased that Lovie will be coming on a regular basis. We'll have her skin and coat back into shape soon. Watch as we define a style for Lovie, all her own :) Update: The pic you see is of Lovie after her most recent groom. Boy what a change in her personality -- she has spunk now! We are letting her fur grow to the length that will suit her, and the families ability to maintain it. Her skin is healthy and you can see -- she is so happy! Update: It has been 2 years since I last saw Lovie but I keep this on here in hopes her family doesn't ever allow her to become so matted she can't see again.

This page is dedicated to my best-est friend a girl could ever have, my Lady ZsaZsa. She was my constant companion for almost 15 years. It was my love for her that made me learn to groom. It was my love for her that pointed me to open a grooming studio different from any I had ever seen or heard -- a one on one studio where no cages are used. Its how I would have wanted her cared for out of my presence and that is how I care for your best friend. It is in her memory that I carry on Brenda's Pet Services now that she is gone.I love her with my whole heart <3